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Lunch hour usually consists of a sandwich, tuna fish and bean sprouts on whole wheat grain bread or a ham and cheese with
mustard on rye, but it can be so much more.  Let Fairfield County’s unique entertainment vehicle, PLAY WITH YOUR FOOD, show you
just how much more it can be.  Like a three ring circus of fun, PLAY WITH YOUR FOOD opens at noon with a delectable gourmet
meal, from Westport’s Matsu Sushi or Fairfield and Greenwich’s Rory’s Restaurant. But that is just the enticing first course.

After dining, guests will be treated to a trio of play readings by that delightful married couple: actors, Kim Squires and Allan Zeller
Love is definitely in the air as Valentine’s Day looms around the rose festooned corner. What happens when a couple, about to 
celebrate “24 Years” together, decide to evaluate the roller coaster ride that has been their marriage.  Leslie Ayvazian offers up 
this intriguing peek in the bedroom and beyond.

Brian J. Carter and Susan Vanech will help dig up long buried secrets, along with Squires and Zeller, in a dark and rich 
comedy by Albi Gorn, “A Family Affair.”  Will a young couple digest the marital advice or run from the scene in terror as
they process some unusual truths from a long married pair?  Completing the triumvirate is “A Traditional Wedding” by actress and comedian Mo Gaffney, a play that reveals there is more than one way to unite bride with groom and any number of them can be perfect.

For perspective on these playlets, Allan Zeller commented "Having done “A Family Affair” by Albi Gorn in the past for Play With Your Food I have come to see it as a battle between the relationships of yesteryear’s  married couples and the relationships of couples today and in the future. It is a play that cleverly exposes past mistakes of human beings with revelations of contemporary thought where one would not initially  think it to be. The play carries a serious topic but with much humor and surprise. I believe in the end the audience will feel good about the future of these couples. Doing this play with my wife Kimberly will bring a new air of reality and humor to the parts as we will undoubtedly  find our own personal quirks in the characters. Working with Kimberly is always a pleasure onstage.

Even though these three offerings are new to his wife Kimberly Squires, she has remarked that “How timely to be sharing the stage with my husband during this Valentine month of February.  I always love performing for the Play With Your Food company…they are such a loving and caring team of theatrical professionals.  Sharing the stage with my husband during their Valentine season, makes it that much sweeter.”

Ring master of this wonderful time, from noon to 1:30 p.m., is Artistic Director Carole Schweid who selects and directs this special event.  A talk back with the actors and director, and sometimes even the playwrights, follows the readings.  For tickets ($47) to this HB Productions of Westport, call 203-293-8729 or go online to This event takes place in three locations, February 6-8 in Westport at Toquet Hall, 58 Post Road East, February 13 in Fairfield at the Fairfield Theater Company and February 14 and 15 in Greenwich at the Greenwich Arts Council, 299 Greenwich Avenue.

Forget your tuna and ham and cheese sandwiches in favor of real entertainment with a gourmet flair.  Let PLAY WITH
YOUR FOOD tempt you to expand your cultural horizons.

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