Monday, December 21, 2015



At the top of your list for great ways to end the year 2015 and start 2016 with a delicious bang should be a New Year’s Eve celebration at New Haven’s old world Italian flavored family restaurant Consiglio’s.  Located on one of the city’s most charming areas, in the heart of Wooster Street, Consiglio’s is famous for its warmth and welcomeness and this holiday is no exception.

Waiting at the door to greet you will undoubtedly be that astute and master of mystery solutions, Detective Chester Hadlyme.  Michael Sayers assumes the persona of Hadlyme whenever possible, having penned scores of comic situations just waiting to be solved…with your help and participation if you please.

It’s not enough for you to sit back and enjoy a delicious meal - for that’s only half the fun.  You need to jump in, enthusiastically into the fray, and use your noggin and noodle to solve the crime.  And you can be sure someone will be the victim and conveniently die.

Quite recently diners had to solve the conflict between Santa Claus and the Elves, a mutiny in the making, with Detective Hadlyme as the captain of the sinking North Pole ship.  An interactive talented cast, who are quick on their feet and excel at improvisation, mingle among the guests dropping clues like so many candy canes in a snow drift.  It’s your job to dust off those hints and solve the murder.

On Thursday, December 31 at 9 p.m., doors will open for a scrumptious dinner.  Choices of appetizers like fried calamari tossed with an array of Italian herbs, served with a spicy marinara sauce or savory antipasto, are among the five on the menu.  For entrees you can enjoy homemade lobster ravioli with jumbo shrimp, tossed in a light plum tomato sauce or filet mignon gorgonzola, a half pound filet with sun-dried tomatoes and artichoke hearts in a brandy wine sauce, with a side of garlic mashed potatoes, among the ten offerings.  Desserts include a choice of chocolate mousse cake with Oreo cookie crust or Godiva Tiramisu with espresso and mascarpone surrounded by Godiva Liquor soaked lady fingers. Yummy!

With the intriguing title “That Kills This Year Too” trouble makers will be let loose to create chaos and mayhem and, ultimately, a crime. Three unsuspecting women are all set for a great date for New Year’s Eve only to discover it is with the same man. The cast will come table to table, circulating with genuine clues and “red herrings” to confuse you. 

The merriment continues until the bewitching hour with games, contests, songs and a midnight toast to 2016.  For $65, (beverages, tax and gratuity not included), you can help create the fun.  Call 203-865-4489 for reservations.  Additional mystery shows are already scheduled for Friday, January 22 at 7 p.m., with “Broken Resolutions” and Friday, February 19 at 7 p.m. with “I Know What You Saw!"

Make the New Year especially merry and good enough to eat by letting Consiglio’s Restaurant and Detective Chester Hadlyme be your gracious hosts.

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