Monday, December 7, 2015


Traditionally, girls instinctively know how to poarty and what better time of the year to put on your glitz and glamour then when Santa Claus comes to town, the town of Waterbury that is.  The Palace Theater is up for the challenge and " 'Twas Girls Night Before Christmas The Musical" is ready to sparkle one festive night only, tonight, Thursday. December 10 at 7:30 p.m.

Years ago a wannabe playwright Louise Roche, herself the mom to three little ones, was at the theater and came up with the idea  for "Girls Night." Now Roche has designed a new iteration at holiday time with five gal pals as they analyze the past, celebrate their todays and foresee their future together. 

Come meet this sisterhood of friends who love to laugh, cry, dish and schmooze together:  Sharon,Carol, Liza, Kate and Anita.  Sharon plays narrator, an angel who tragically died at 17 and still wants to be one of the girls.  Carol has had two marriages under her chasity belt but still wants to party.  Her younger sister Kate is the sane and sensible one while Liza thrives on complaining about her husband.  Last but not least is Anita who can be equally funny and depressed, bouncing back and forth like a bi-polar balloon.

Be prepared to bond, to hug and to confess all your secrets as these gals share their lives freely and with panache.  Make believe it's Karaoke night and plan to sing along as all the holiday favorites are unwrapped from one giant gift box for your entertainment and pleasure.

For tickets ($45), call the Palace Theater, 100 East Main Street, Waterbury at 203-346-2000 or online at

These girls definitely want to have fun and you're the guest of honor at their party. 

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