Saturday, December 6, 2014


However you prepare for the holidays, whether it's making a wreath of chestnuts and berries, wrapping the lampposts with red and green ribbon, spiking the eggnog with a dollop of rum, cutting down your own Christmas tree with an axe on a tree farm, the celebration won't be complete without a visit from the boys.

What boys you might ask? Those jolly guys who make up the Connecticut Gay Men’s Chorus!   Whether dressed in tuxedos, tutus, red sequined gowns or elf costumes, the CGMC is always ready to party.  This season is no exception.
Thanks to artistic director Greg McMahan, the theme this year is “Naughty or Nice” and you can bet your angel’s wings that the gentlemen in question will be both.  Of course, the show will feature a selection of Christmas carols in the traditional tone, but also a sprinkling of songs they feel should be Christmas fare but aren't.  And there’s also room for a hint of spice with parodies galore. 

“Reminiscent of a Carol Burnett Show,” according to McMahan, there will be skits and sketches sure to put you in stitches, stitches of laughter that is. Irreverent humor is a hallmark of the CGMC and everything and everyone are fair  game, even Santa himself. As McMahan can attest, "We're really nice guys but we can be naughty."

Lots of material for the musical tree will come from Broadway and nothing is sacred or too holy to be a subject of a little poking for fun.  These guys are festivity itself and a required essential for any holiday celebration. This time around look for Joe Evangelista, traditionally Joan Crawford, appearing as a harried housewife. There is sure to be something for everyone, cool songs heard in a different way.

For tickets ($25-30), call 1-800-644-2462 or online at  Performances are Saturday, December 13 at 8 p.m. and Sunday, December 14 at 4 p.m. at the Co-Op High School, 177 College Street, New Haven.

Grab some jingle bells, a stocking cap and a hearty sense of humor for our favorite Christmas elves, the CGMC, are ready to sing up a storm of joy.

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