Monday, December 15, 2014


When divine and devout meet irreverent and inspiring, the sinfully spectacular song fest that results is sure to lift you high enough to visit the angels in heaven.  For almost a decade, five young men have been plying pious pop tunes to the populace, encouraging salvation and the abandonment of sinful ways.  In need of being saved, let Matthew, Mark, Luke, Juan and Abraham (the token Jew) cleanse your soul and polish it up for a perfect shine.

"Altar Boys" has been engaging in seriously light hearted fun using parody and song, laughter and dance, to convince people to reform.  Now Playhouse on Park in West Hartford is opening its gospel revival meeting hall for conversions and baptisms until Sunday, December 21. Come and have the spirit move you with Mark G Merritt as Matthew, Brandon Beaver as Mark, Adam Cassel as Abraham, Greg Laucella as Juan and Nick Bernardi as Luke raise the rafters and fill the joint with joy.

As a spoof of boy bands and Christian-themed music, it focuses on one group band in Ohio who get the chance to spin their spiel for the big Time in New York City.  It's the final concert of their "Raise the Praise" tour and these guys are primed and ready to take the audience straight to the Promised Land.  They even have a Soul Sensor DX-2 right on stage with them to measure all the souls who have been redeemed.

This musical comedy is based on a book by Kevin Del Aguila, with music and lyrics by Gary Adler and Michael Patrick Walker, conceived by Marc Kessler and Ken Davenport. In order to prove it's cool to be Catholic, these guys hear the messages from Jesus on their cell phones, faxes, emails and beepers.  They mean to convince you God is making a comeback and they are filled to the brim with love and forgiveness and the value of family.  Kyle Brand directs and choreographs this foot-stomping tribute to the big guy upstairs, with all its heavenly harmonies set to hold court in your head and heart.

For tickets ($35-45), call Playhouse on Park, 244 Park Road, West Hartford at 860-523-5900, ext. 10 or Performances are Wednesday and Thursday at 7:30 p.m., Friday at 8 p.m., Saturday at 8 p.m. and Sunday at 2 p.m. (with talk back with cast).

Let this male Hallelujah chorus convince you to be a believer. Sunday school is now in session.

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