Tuesday, January 21, 2014


If you enjoy being the first at the water cooler to drop your opinion on the latest movie flick, from the finanicial and sexual shenanigans of "The Wolf of Wall Street" to the conflicted relationships of Walt Disney and P. L. Travers in "The Savings of Mr. Banks," then A. O. Scott is a speaker you won't want to miss.  Scott has been the passionate film critic on the staff of the New York Times since January 2000.  He will definitely have opinions on all the top box office films, from "Frozen" to "American Hustle" and everything in between.

On Monday, January 27 at 8 p.m., Scott will be the guest speaker at Fairfield University's Regina Quick Center as part of the Open VISIONS Forum lecture series.  Perhaps he'll argue the acting abilities of Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts as the battling mother and daughter in that powerful dysfunctional family drama "August: Osage County" or the sensitive search for a son as Dame Judy Densch in the true life story of "Philomena."  Then again he might reveal his opinion of that unusual romantic relationship of a man and his computer software, known affectionately as Samantha, in the new Spike jonze's movie "Her."

Scott might want to take you on a tour "Inside Llewyn Davis" where a man and his guitar travel through Greenwich Village in the 1960's living a folk tale.  His attention might be focused a little earlier in time as he states his opinion on J. R. R. Tolkien's children's book about a ring and a lord and a hobbit who adventure in Middle Earth.  He also might like to weigh in on the powerful story of redemption "12 Years a Slave."

The audience might gain insight into an elderly stubborn cuss of a man who believes he has won a great fortune in "Nebraska" and sets off, on foot, to claim his winnings.  If you follow the recent award shows, you could want to hear A. O. Scott's verdict on Sandra Bullock's performance in outer space, "Gravity," or how Robert DeNiro teams up against his long time rival Sylvester Stallone in "Grudge Match."  Whatever your expectations, you're bound to be intrigued by A. O. Scott's "Critic's Picks."

For tickets ($45), call 203-254-4010 or 877-ARTS-396 or online at www.quickcenter.com.

Imagine reviewing 300-350 movies a year, almost one every day, and reviewing half of them in a column.  Let A. O. Scott discuss his experiences in a movie theater seat.  Popcorn is optional.

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