Wednesday, January 15, 2014


A trio of childhood friends, with a passing resemblance to the Three Musketeers, play their way through their days seeking the Lost Kingdom.  Amy, Seth and Mikie, better known as the Queen Captain, Scribbles and Meathead, pledge a promise of undying determination as they adventure together.

After the absence of a dozen years, Seth and Michael meet again as adults, when Seth's mother dies, and a childhood oath is renewed.  As boys they had promised to travel the Appalachian Trail, from Georgia to Maine, a journey of over 2000 miles, and Michael challenges Seth to complete that quest.

This world premiere musical journey "Trails," by Christy Hall, lyrics by Jordan Mann and music by Jeff Thomson, is being beautifully explored at Norwich's Spirit of Broadway Theater until Sunday, February 9.

Like a tapestry of moments and memories, the close relationship of the three is woven into a pattern of stories.  In flashback scenes, their friendship is tested, threatened  and cemented as life takes its triumphs and trials.  Amy, a spirited sprite brought to life by Laura Kathleen Donnelly, is the glue that bonds them together and, ultimately, the force that separates them.  She is the adorable Peter Pan who inspires and challenges them to be their best.

Brian Detlefs's Seth is a doubter, never quite sure of his role or his worth.  When his mother falls ill, he is the faithful son who stays home in Allentown, Pennsylvania to be her loyal caregiver.  Both he and Amy look to the stars for their strength and inspiration and their relationship is defined in a metaphor of the tale of Orpheus.  Amy follows the valiant Mike, an ambitious Matt Smolko, to college as he plays Don Quixote, battling his wondrous windmills.  The additional cast of Anne Fowler, Shawn Rucker and Brett A. Bernardini play the rangers and other characters Seth and Mike meet on the trail as they try to resolve the issues of their past. 

Songs like "Blaze a Trail," "Mark My Words," "Places In Between" and Stories in the Sky" make their voyage memorable.

For tickets ($32), call Spirit of Broadway Theater, 24 Chestnut Street, Norwich at 860-886-2378 or online at  Performances are Wednesday and Thursday at 7 p.m., Friday and Saturday at 8 p.m. and Sunday at 2 p.m.  Combine wonderful theater with a delicious dinner and enjoy a three-course meal first at the Spa at Norwich Inn, followed by the show.  Call 860-886-2578 for reservations ($54).

Grab a backpack, your hiking shoes and a walking stick and let Seth , Amy and Mike be your guides on an adventure about time passages, friendship, forgiveness, loyalty and love.

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