Wednesday, June 12, 2013


If you're not intrigued and slightly mystified by the title "My Mother Has Four Noses," then you may not be blessed with a sense of curiosity and adventure that singer/songwriter Jonatha Brooke was endowed with at birth.  The debut performance of her engaging new work, an album, a book and a play, will be launched on Saturday, June 29 at 7 p.m. at Torrington's lovely Warner Theatre, in the Nancy Marine Studio.

Billed as a comedy and a tragedy , but mostly a love story, it tells the emotionally moving story of a mother and a daughter and their journey together through life and death.  Had she lived Jonatha's mom would have been 81 this year.  Her last two years she had Alzheimer's disease and Jonatha moved her to New York to care for her, weaving her funny stories and songs into the show piece she will perform at the Warner.

Their adventure together beams with love and caring, a musical journey about holding on and letting go.  As a performer, Jonatha had always thanked her mom on stage for being the source of all her good material.  In "My Mother Has Four Noses," her mom is literally on stage with her, sharing her insights and humor.  An every day occurrence was mom calling out "Boolie (her nickname).  That's good!  Are you getting this down?  We should make a play out of it!!"

Call the Warner Theatre, 82 Main Street, Torrington at 860-489-7180 or online at for tickets ($30).  A special VIP reception will be held for $127.50 with the actress.  In addition, go to Jonatha's website  A portion of all purchases of special items will be donated to Cure Alzheimer's and help Jonatha achieve her musical goals.

"My Mother Has Four Noses" is not a Cubist painting by Picasso.  Come and let Jonatha Brooke reveal the fascinating portrait of a mother she loved and whose memory she is celebrating.

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