Monday, June 3, 2013


For Sachi Parker, the only child of mega-star Shirley MacLaine and Steve Parker, navigating her childhood was a choreographic routine of fancy footwork.  Like an ice skater with weak ankles, Sachi had to learn early on to fend for herself and take cautious steps around the obstacles and challenges placed in her path.  That she emerged as a beautiful, talented and successful adult, after years of struggling on an icy and dangerous course, is a tribute to her stamina and courage and perseverance.

One might imagine that growing up shuttling between Hollywood, California and Tokyo, Japan, between her mother in one place and her father in the other, would be exciting and glamorous and it was to a certain extent.  At the age of two, Sachi was shipped off to Japan to be raised in a household with a less-than-loving father and his mistress, under the care of  a Japanese governess.  Periodically for holidays and summer vacations, she traveled back to the United States to visit with her famous mom.

To learn all the perils and passions of her precarious and precious upbringing, come see Sachi Parker star in her world premiere one-woman show "Lucky Me" being performed at New Haven's Off-Broadway Theatre, at Yale University, with an entrance on York Street next to Toad's Place.  Performances are Wednesday, June 5 to Saturday, June 8 at 8 p.m. and Sunday at 3 p.m.  For tickets ($30), go online to or call producer Joanna Keylock at 203-305-7762.

To Sachi Parker's credit, she survived and thrived in her colorful, eccentric and exotic upbringing, as she moved around the world for boarding schools and various occupations.  In her new book "Lucky Me, My Life With-and Without- My Mom, Shirley MacLaine," she gained a valuable insight into how her relationship with her mother has changed over the years and has changed her.  She knows it has made her a more devoted, hands on mom to her two teenagers, Frankie and Arin.

While her mother seemed to delight in withholding praise from her daughter as a punishment, Sachi Parker has no trouble receiving well deserved admiration from her own daughter Arin.  As a budding actress and writer herself, Arin was eager to add her encouraging words of praise for her mom on the show's official opening night, Friday, May 31.  To Arin Parker, "I've read my mom's book two times.  She has been through so much on her emotional journey and it shows so much in her work.  I don't understand how she can handle so much and be so brave."  Arin helps her mom run her lines, rehearsing her show, as well as being an excellent editor.  She hopes to write mystery romances novels one day.

For Sachi, her daughter is "the real deal," with talent coming out of her pores, more than her mother or grandmother.  She calls her "a natural," who has never taken an acting class, but who knows instinctively how to act,  As for her writing skills, she refers to Arin as "an old soul who writes with a depth of feeling" and she is so proud of her.  This mother/daughter mutual admiration society was a delight to witness, but was unfortunately not at all the way Shirley treated Sachi growing up.

"Lucky Me" is the writing collaboration of Sachi Parker and Frederick Stroppel, with direction by Douglas Moser, production by Joanna Keylock, a Japanese shoji screen  and peach blossom set and lighting by Andrew Rubenoff and costumes by Deighna DeRiu.

Let Sachi Parker introduce you to her decidedly unconventional and exotic life with an international flavor.  You'll be amazed!

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