Monday, February 6, 2012


Seven decades ago Noel Coward penned the comedy “Blithe Spirit” in a five day writing marathon and it is still entertaining audiences to this day.  Weekends until Saturday, March 10, Connecticut Cabaret Theatre in Berlin is inviting you to discover the world of the occult, believers and non-believers alike.

Author Charles Condomine (Tom Roohr) is researching his next book, a look into the psychic realm.  For some authenticity or dialogue or just plain fun, he sets up a séance with the local medium, an eccentric and colorful character, in feathers and fringe, Madame Arcati (Joanne Callahan-Roohr). Charles, accompanied by his second wife Ruth (Barbara Horan) and dear friends Dr. Bradman (Paul Braccioforte) and his wife Violet (Abbie Brooks) gather for what they hope will be lively entertainment.

Madame Arcati, as promised, goes into a trance and contacts the “other side.”  Who should answer the call but the ghost of Charles’ first spouse, Elvira (Rachel West-Balling), who was temperamental and demanding in her previous life and hasn’t changed much since.

This time around Elvira, who can only be seen and heard by Charles, has an agenda of her own.  She wants Charles to join her in the hereafter and the only way to accomplish that is to murder him, ever so gently of course.

Elvira’s plans go slightly awry as Ruth jealously accuses Charles of spousal abuse or of going crazy, neither of which she will tolerate. The Condomine’s servant Edith (Linda Kelly) gets into the fray when Madame Arcati returns and tries spell after incantation to exorcise Elvira.

Soon there is more than one ghost running amok and sending the Condomine household into total chaos.  Director Kris McMurray keeps the fun spirited (pun intended) as vases go flying and lamps crash down.

For tickets ($30), call CT Cabaret Theatre, 31-33 Webster Square Road, Berlin at 860-829-1248 or online at  Performances are Friday and Saturday nights at 8 p.m., with doors opening at 7:15 p.m.  Remember to bring snacks to share at your table or plan to purchase dessert and drinks on site.

Watch how easily a seven- year old ghost upsets the delicate balance of a marriage when she is invited in for a manifestation of merry mayhem.

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