Monday, February 6, 2012


Ever think of celebrating Valentine’s Day in the company of some quirky but sincere Down Easters or Mainers, if you prefer.  Thanks to actor and playwright John Cariani and the Music Theatre of Connecticut in Westport, you have that unique possibility weekends until Sunday, February 19.

People from Maine go about their lives in a slightly different step, to a definitely different drummer.  John Cariani proves it in a series of vignettes about love, romance and courtship in all its shades of red.

A quartet of fine actors, Cynthia Hannah, Tim Reilly, Jim Schilling and Katie Sparer, take us over the speed bumps and under the railroad trestles as they attempt to find a mate and live happily ever after, or at least until the ice pond melts. 

Learn how three little words, “I love you,” can stop the universe in its tracks, moose tracks or the other two legged kinds. Find out what happens when your heart is broken into a gazillion pieces, well maybe only nineteen, but you get the idea.  Can it be mended?

Don a warm flannel shirt and  go in search of the Northern Lights as East meets Wes(t).  Discover how a misspelled tattoo can inadvertently lead to a new romance and learn whether an ironing board can be as effective as Cupid’s arrows in striking up a new attraction.

Investigate what can happen when a disillusioned sweetheart returns three large bags of love to the man who doesn’t seem to care for her anymore.  Decide for yourself if Chad or Randy wins the title of having the Baddest Date Ever.  Put on ice skates and go to Echo Pond with Phil and Marci and take a chance wishing on a shooting star and then tag along with Hope as she travels to give an answer to a question Daniel posed to her eons ago.

Finally, hop on a snowmobile with Rhonda and Dave as a personal painting sets their relationship in a whole new unexplored frame.  Kevin Connors directs these bittersweet and funny stories of lost love, found love, new love and the magic that once was and could be again.

For tickets ($25-45, $5 off seniors and students), call MTC, 246 Post Road East, Colonial Green, lower level, Westport at 203-454-3883 or online at  Performances are Friday at 8 p.m., Saturday at 4 p.m. and 8 p.m. and Sunday at 2 p.m.

Save Saturday, March 31st for MTC’s Silver Anniversary Gala.  Dress as your favorite “Mad Men” character for an evening of cocktails, dinner, music and more!  Call the theatre for all the details.

Travel to the mythical town of Almost in the picturesque state of Maine for some poignant and piquant portraits of love in all its possibilities.

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