Thursday, April 5, 2018


What a year to be a comedian who delights in dishing out zingers on the political arena. The material is all there for the taking. They’re the Capitol Steps and politics, with heapings of parody and satire, are easily the name of their “I can top that” game. Whether you’re a Democrat, a Republican, an independent, Green Party person, Tea Party candidate or otherwise affiliated, the Capitol Steps are bound to crunch a few of your sensitive toes as they sling their bipartisan barbs on the icons of Washington, D. C., those hard working and hard playing leaders of our country. And they sing and dance all their satire.

These entertainers know of what and whom they speak, for they began as former Congressional staffers who have gone legit by entering the world of show business. For one night only they will be the official speakers of the house at the Warner Theatre in Torrington. This command performance will take place on Saturday, April 21 at 8 p.m. The troupe brags about putting the MOCK in Democracy.  Hillary and Bill are still fair game as are Vladimir Putin, Rex Tillerson, Mike Pence and, of course, The Donald and all his clan and legion of lawyers.

With savagery and wit, these talented troupers will take today’s headlines and tweets and cast a new and slightly jaundiced eye on those happenings. Their highly successful stint began in the early 1980’s when three staffers for Senator Charles Percy needed to take center stage at a Congressional Christmas party. They took the stage then and haven’t yielded the floor to this day. Talk about filibustering power for a purpose. This year’s show is titled “Orange is The New Black” and encourages you to examine the Obama years as they are overshadowed by the Trump White House and Mar-A-Lago. 
The original trio, Elaina Newport, Bill Strauss and Jim Aidala, began writing the material  for the ever changing scene. Newport often shows up to lead the band and is responsible for writing 95% of the humor, according to another cast member and original home town boy Michael Thornton who grew up in Windsor. Thornton considers himself a rogue classical musician turned jazz singer who now “enjoys thinking on my feet which provides a wonderful opportunity to combine topical humor with music that keeps my job interesting and fresh.”

For tickets ($31-51) call the Warner, 68 Main Street,Torrington at 860-489-7180 or go online to 

With a campaign slogan that states Lampoon through Laughter, you are encouraged to poke fun at the follies in our nation’s headquarters.Cast your vote for the former and current politicians who are sure to please the crowds when the Capitol Steps march into our Connecticut political arena. Come laugh, hoot and make merry over Washington’s latest schenigans and scandals.

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