Friday, March 3, 2017


Sandra Rodriguez (Sandra), Peter Chenot (Trevor), and Chaz Carmon (Jerry).

Millions of people devote themselves to their pets whether it is a collie named Corky, a cat named Cody or even a lizard named Lizzy or a parakeet answering to the name of Petey.  We love our pets, they are precious to us, and we don't easily admit to their wrongdoing. But what if your "best friend" is slightly outside of the regular mold?   Perhaps a dog house or a bird cage or a fish bowl would not accommodate your favorite?  For  Sandra Morris, an intense and dedicated "mother" created by Sandra Rodriguez, her "baby" is the center of her existence.  Forget the fact that he weighs 200 pounds and is a chimpanzee, her devotion to Trevor is absolute and complete.

To meet Sandra and her close- to- obsession, you would have to have come to the New Haven Theater Company's presentation of "Trevor" by Nick Jones that played until Saturday, March 4 in New Haven at the English Marketplace, now renamed the EBM Vintage on Chapel Street.  To say Trevor is a handful is an understatement.  He likes to steal the family car keys and go for a joy ride, when he isn't chugalugging coffee or wine (no tea please) as he drags around a cardboard cutout of his favorite movie star Morgan Fairchild, portrayed by a luscious Susan Kulp.

Trevor has been created in all his impetuous activity by Peter Chenot and he is wonderful and wild as he freely expresses his emotions, without fear of reprimand.  Sandra is indulgent and permissive and truly believes her "baby" can do no wrong.  The world, however, has different views.  Melissa Smith's Ashley, the next door neighbor, is alarmed by his antics and she fears, rightly so, for the safety of her own newborn. Sharing her concerns are Jim, a sheriff played by Erich Greene, who wants to protect and serve the community and Jerry, a consultant portrayed by Chaz Carmon, who is called in to evaluate Trevor and his more bizarre behavior.  For the next presentation, "Middletown" by Will Eno, and directed by Peter Chenot,  go to

To contrast Trevor's behavior, we meet another chimp, Oliver, brought to life by Trevor Williams, who seems more in control of his destiny.  Both have been bitten by the show biz bug and Trevor can't wait to reunite with his favorite co-star Morgan as soon as possible.  Bizarre events quickly get out of hand and the fate of Sandra and Trevor hover  on the brink.  Drew Gray directs this highly unusual plot adventure and raises the question when is a pet not really a pet?

Give your own precocious companion an extra brushing or bowl of Kibble to show your love.  

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