Sunday, November 13, 2016


Who would guess that the prestigious Alfred Pierce Preparatory School in the Connecticut hills could be a budding hotbed of rebellion?  The semester opens with the targeting of Professor Peter Carroll, with a paint gun attack.  Carroll has been created by Bill Raymond in all his academic glory.  Who pulled the trigger and why? How will the 80 year old react to the assault and to his suspicious and sudden dismissal?

Is it up to the astute investigative team at the school paper, the Pierce Gazette, to discover the culprit?  Prize reporter Allan Archer, a determined Erik Bloomquist, cares about Carroll's fate and wants to find the truth.

As fellow students, cynical Claire and editor Tim, add their theories, Archer starts his own investigation.  Soon the school trustees are assembling to spin the incident.  Before they resolve it, another disturbing event takes place:  the football team's mascot Mighty Mouse is stolen.  Who will lead the Spirit Patrol now?  Is a secret protest group of girls responsible for both disturbances?  How do a stampede of Santas fit in the Christmas scene?

Tune in to CPTV's "The Cobblestone Corridor" at 7:30 pm Sundays for the intriguing answers as "THE COBBLESTONE CORRIDOR" and its competitive kids with open minds explore opportunities and adventures, solving a few mysteries along the way.

Erik Bloomquist tackles a multitude of roles as actor, writer, director and producer of this new original series that is purely a Connecticut production. 

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