Wednesday, May 4, 2016


If you crave a slice of pizza, with or without pepperoni, if hamburgers on white bread without catsup suit your fancy, thanks to Louis’ Lunch way back at the turn of the twentieth century, if you marvel at the first published telephone book, all fifty names of it, if you ever wondered how the “Elm City” earned its name by being responsible for the inaugural public tree planting program and if you ever licked a lollipop and questioned its sticky origin, then you are primed and ready to celebrate with A Broken Umbrella Theatre as it celebrates its seventh anniversary with a tribute to its ten original offerings about its favorite city and yours: New Haven.

For one day only, Sunday, May 15, at two showings, 1 p.m. and 5:30 p.m.,fittingly at Erector Square (one more item New Haven takes credit for:  the Erector Set), 316 Peck Street, Building 5, Floor 2, New Haven, “Made of New Haven: A Grassroots Gala and Show" will be unveiled. This is a fundraiser to guarantee the future of the theatre company, a troupe made up of 30 dedicated ensemble members and hundreds of volunteers.

Everything A Broken Umbrella Theatre produces is unique and original and pays homage to New Haven. Ensemble member Jes Mack gets full credit for directing the show and writing  the script which includes the songs, spectacle and showmanship that will be splendidly displayed. Over the past seven years, music and lyrics have been contributed by different artists including Chrissy Gardner, Dana Astmann, Robert Shapiro, Will Aronson and Dave Baker. 
Starting with the group’s virgin offering of “A Short Story by a Tree,” the troupe will hopscotch forward in time through their insightful prior productions, like the 100 year history of the famed Shubert Theatre in ”Seen Change,” the frighteningly real tale of a home grown pirate ghost in “Thunderbolt,” the story of enterprising Ebenezer Beecher who invented an automated machine to make matchsticks in “Play with Matches,” the journey up, down and around the 125 year old New Haven Free Public Library in “The Library Project” and the story of A.C. Gilbert and his famous Erector Set in ”Gilbert the Great” to name but a few.

And A Broken Umbrella Theatre, under the good care of Artistic Director Ian  Alderman, won’t let you go away hungry.  I don’t know if lollipops, pizza or hamburgers are on the menu, but thanks to Small Kitchen, Big Taste out of North Haven, you’re sure to enjoy delicious and healthy taste treats.  Libations to drink are local beers from Black Hog Brewing Company and Thimble Island Brewery.  Sponsors include Erector Square, Creative Growth New Haven, Alderman-Dow Iron & Metal and Tyco Printing.

According to long time ensemble member Rachel Alderman,"If you've never been to A Broken Umbrella theatrical adventure, here is your chance for a 'best of' experience. It's like a musical tasting menu of everyone's favorite whimsical Broken Umbrella moments, but re-imagined and fresh...and, of course, a few surprises, too. It will be a delicious evening for audiences old and new alike!”  To Director and Playwright Jes Mack,   ‘Made of New Haven' is a muppet-like musical romp through the first seven years of Broken Umbrella creations. Joyful. Delicious. Ridiculous." 

Tickets to this two hour musical adventure are available at  For more information, call Rachel Alderman at 203-868-0428 or email

Come meet the whole dedicated gang who make A Broken Umbrella Theatre so special and celebrate their milestone of creative achievement in grand New Haven style.

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