Monday, June 29, 2015


Elle Woods is perky, peppy and pretty, a princess in pink, but she is also perplexed and perturbed when her boyfriend Werner Huntington III unceremoniously dumps her for someone who is precocious and, more importantly, serious for his future political career. Once she understands she has been intellectually insulted, Elle decides to cash in on her preciousness and apply to Harvard Law School for admission to the class of 2005 to win Werner back. What results is the delightful “Legally Blonde The Musical” lighting up the stage of the Summer Theatre of New Canaan until Sunday, August 9.

Elle, a bouncy and ebullient Kara Dombrowski, with her little pup Bruiser, a chihuahua, at her side, doesn’t doubt for a nanosecond that she will gain admittance to the sacred ivy shrouded walls of Harvard. She rises to the academic challenge admirably, following her snobby jerk of an ex-boyfriend (Preston Ellis) right to the entrance door. He believes because she is blonde and beautiful, interested in fashion and being properly accessorized, that she is no more than party fluff.

Along the way to graduation and a degree in law, Elle acquires the help of a self-esteem coach in the body of a wise manicurist Paulette (Jodi Stevens), a sincere and really nice lawyer guy Emmett (Matthew Christian) as a new love interest, a less than scrupulous Professor of Law (Stephen Hope) and a new client Brooke (Shannon Mullen) to defend, a famous fitness personality who is accused of murdering her much older husband. Her personal Greek chorus of sorority sisters (Danielle Raniere, Katie Anderson and Alyssa Gomez) offer encouragement and support every dancing step of the way.

Pink, Elle’s signature color, is bountifully evident in her dress, shoes, purse, make-up, resume and computer, thanks to the costume designs of Lauren Gaston. She proves her legal smarts, that she is not a Malibu Barbie but, rather, a Brainiac Barbie, a fact which even Werner’s new girlfriend Viv (Kate Simone) admits. “Legally Blonde” has a book by Heather Hach, music and lyrics by Laurence O’Keefe and Nell Benjamin, direction by Allegra Libonati and choreography by Doug Shankman.

For tickets ($45 and up), call 203-966-4634 or online at Performances are Thursday, Friday, Saturday  at 8 p.m. and Sunday at 4 p.m.
Plan to attend a trio of children's offerings, ($22 and up), of "Charlotte's Web," now through August 8, "Wizard of Oz" now through August 9 and "Cinderella, A Fairy's Tale" July 3-August 9. You can find STONC in a festive white tent on the grounds of Waveny Park, In New Canaan, at 11 Farm Road, behind New Canaan High School. The theatre recently produced a heartwarming abridged production of "Legally Blonde" with their most special DramaRama kids, where actors act as mentors and shadow the students 8-18 who have challenges.

Watch Elle help the underdog with her brilliant and fashionable plan of legal defense, do some fancy footwork with a jump rope, try Irish step dancing, and prove she is way more than Werner’s Pooh Bear. Just to see Bruiser the chihuahua and Rufus the bulldog race across the stage is worth the price of admission.

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