Sunday, April 6, 2014


The International Edible Books event took place in New Haven yesterday at the Creative Arts Workshop and was a sight to behold.  It's an annual event where individuals and families make something edible to honor their favorite book.  Entries were Charlotte's Web, featuring a lady finger cake stuffed with lemon custard and a chocolate spider web on top, with Wilbur the pig in front.

Other entries were a carosel of animal cookies to recognize the book The Merry-Go-Round, a pot of hot chicken soup in honor of The Chicken Soup for the Soul books, home-made fortune cookies and cold noodles to recognize The Fortune Cookie Book, an abacus to recognize a numbers book made of round cake balls frosted and held together with cookie sticks, a Booklava made of bakalava, well you get the idea.

After everyone has had a chance to ooh and aah, we get to eat all the entries.  Clearly we got to have our cake and eat it too. This event takes place on or near April 1st and was started in 2000 by Beatrice Coron and Judith Hoffberg.  It is now held from Mexico to Morocco, Italy to India. To discover how delicious eating your words can be, go to

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