Monday, September 24, 2012


When you think of the upcoming elections for president, and the candidates, you might find yourself in a pickle. Selecting between a sweet gherkin or a kosher dill is an easy matter, but the presidential race is littered with decisions a delicatessen doesn’t prepare you for making.

Enter the drag queens and beauty shop quartet Kinsey Sicks to the rescue.  They want you to vote, probably as often as possible, and they don’t mind going the extra yard or mile to get you to the voting booth.

For one night only, Saturday, October 13 at 8 p.m., this highly unusual foursome, probably draped in red, white and blue, will be parading politically, but not necessarily correctly, on stage of the Annex Club, 554 Woodward Avenue, New Haven as a fundraiser for the Connecticut Gay Men’s Chorus.

Hitting the campaign trail in knee high boots and fashion finery, these “ladies” will sharpen their incisors on the timely matters at stake in Washington, D.C.  Nothing will be sacred as they satire and sing about today’s political arena, and there will be no referees in sight.

Spouting original material like “Sell the Poor,” “Eliminate the Schools” and their campaign anthem “Vote for Me (I’m Not from Kenya),” they will present their show “Electile Dysfunction,” still hot from their recent tour stop in Tampa at the Republican Convention.

These divas in drag will call upon four-part harmony to serenade about such pressing issues as immigration, unemployment, education, scandal and corruption, all while waving the American flag.

For tickets ($30, table with reserved seating $40), call the CGMC at 800-644-2462 or online at  A cash bar and food will be available on site.  Please don’t bring in any outside food or drink.

Some hear “Rachel” (Ben Schatz), “Winnie” (Irwin Keller), “Trixie”: (Jeff Manabat) and “Trampolina” (Spencer Brown) rhapsodize in four-part harmony about who to vote for in November.

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