Saturday, March 3, 2012



A wonderful display about Korea from a mock wedding to two films to a full Korean lunch where on display on March 3 at the Case Memorial Library in Orange.  Dressed in elaborate costumes of their country, the volunteers from the Korean Spirit and Culture Promotion Project shared their pride in their homeland.

With a lunch that included beef and rice, kim chee cabbage, a shrimp and apple salad, vegetable pancakes, a rice drink and dessert, a taste of Korea was enjoyed by all.  Each participant was also given a book to take home, from a cookbook to Fifty Wonders of Korea.  The films illustrated how Korea has risen from the ashes of desolation after the war and transformed itself from rubble to triumph in the last fifty years.

Watch for another visit from this inspiring group to come to a library or women’s group near you.  It is all free of charge and quite wonderful to behold.

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