Monday, January 9, 2012


Sister Robert Ann never was a shy wallflower kind of nun.  She always craved the spotlight.  Now she has it smack dab in her face.
If you’re a long time fan of Dan Goggin’s Nuns and Nun-sense, you’ll be psyched to discover that Sister Robert Ann will occupy the spotlight the way she always wanted: solo, alone, by herself, individually, without accompaniment.  “Sister Robert Ann’s Cabaret Class, a One Nun-sense Musical Event” will grace Waterbury’s Seven Angels Theatre the weekends of January 21 and 29.

Christine Mild stars as the spunky and feisty Sister who is as skilled with a wrench and pliers working on a car’s carburetor as she is with tuning her own vocal pipes. The good Sister Robert Ann has starred in other Dan Goggin musicals and belted out seventeen signature songs, giving her enough musical material for an evening all her own.

Since Christine Mild is a gold star member of the Little Sisters of Hoboken, having originated Sister Robert Ann and her Brooklyn street-wise ways in south Florida, she is a natural to take on this one- woman feast. She will deliver such memorable numbers as “What Would Elvis Do,” “Growing Up in Brooklyn,” “Twelve Days Prior to Christmas” and her theme song finally come true “I Just Want to be a Star.”   In addition, she will engage the audience in a lesson on cabaret acts just in case you want to take your own show on the road.

For tickets ($30), call Seven Angels Theatre, Plank Road, Hamilton Park Pavilion, Waterbury at 203-757-4676 or online at  There is plenty of free parking on site.

Take a stroll down memory lane with Sister Robert Ann as she sentimentally renews her vows musically and spiritually for your listening pleasure.

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