Saturday, October 1, 2011


Sinthea Starr could be Dame Edna’s kissing cousin, minus the Australian accent of course.  She comes in a large package of  engaging charm and she confides Hollywood gossip and inside information like she is chatting with you, her best friend.  Ms. Starr, a self-proclaimed legend, appeared recently on an intimate stage, the Lyric Hall in the center of New Haven’s Westville section, in a space that has been lovingly restored by John Cavaliere. Lyric Hall was long ago an entertainment space in vaudeville and silent film days and it is now spotlighting talent once again as well as showcasing antiques.

With a show dedicated to her old friend, the late Academy Award winning actress Patricia Neal, Ms. Starr was awash in turquoise silk and adorned with feather boas.  A collection of salty and sexy songs pepper her performance, along with funny anecdotes about her life on and off the stage, saluting her decades as a star.  In a show written, directed and created by Joel Vig, with musical direction by Chris Muller on the piano, Sinthea Starr serenades seductively as she surrenders her heart and soul to her audience.  Watch for notices announcing her next one- woman show “An Evening with Sinthea Starr” at a theater or nightclub near you.

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