Saturday, June 4, 2011


The banana popsicles have morphed into ice cream cones
At the tender age of 6, Sandi Kahn Shelton realized that she could earn 25 cents by selling a handwritten story to a neighbor and buy banana popsicles for two days in  a row  Unfortunately her mother vetoed this lucrative career and it was decades later before she sold her second installment of original literary prowess.

Fortunately for her reading public, she is now a prolific author, producing novels and child raising humor books as well as writing columns for 27 years at the New Haven Register.

Her first published work was only 17 years in the creation and because her agent had negotiated her a two book deal she had a deadline of only eleven months to produce book number two.

To date she has penned "A Piece of Normal," "What Comes After Crazy," "You Might As Well Laugh," "Sleeping Through the Night and Other Lies," "Preschool Confidential" and "Kissing Games of the World" as well as a novel under a pen name.

To learn more about this charming and gifted author, visit her at sandi@sandishelton,.com.
Her advice to writers is "speak in your own voice." Sign up for one of her writing workshops for encouragement and inspiration.  Sandi recently gave her pearls of advice at a workshop at the New Haven Library.

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